Sunday, 4 December 2011



  • Light plays an important role in the life of living things. 

  • Humans and animals need light to enable them to see the things around them. 
  • Green plants need sunlight to make food. 
  • Lights are also used as signals to tell ships that they are getting closer to land area or warning people of potential dangers. 
  • Light house
  • Light can cause the formation of shadows. In the past, people have used shadow formed from light to tell time or even for entertainment such as the ‘wayang kulit’.

Wayang Kulit

Test Yourself
Put a tick (/) next to the correct statements and across (x) next to the wrong statements.
1. Light travels in a straight line.                                                                    (   )
2. Light is not a form of Energy.                                                                     (   )
3. A shadow is formed when light rays are blocked by an apaque               (   )
or translucent object.                 
4. When the distance between on object and the light source decreases,   (   )
  the size of the shadow increases.
5. The shape of the shadow of an objects will remain the same even if   (   )
 the direction of he light that shines on the object change.        

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