Sunday, 4 December 2011


1.      Heat is a form of energy.
2.      When a substance gains heat it will became warmer.
3.      When a substance loses heat it will become colder.
4.      Temperature is a measurement of how hot or cold a thing is.
5.      A thermometer is used to measure temperature.
6.      The metric unit for temperature is the degrees Celsius (°C )

 Loses and Gains Heat
        Heat is a form of energy that cannot be seen but can be felt in matter. Most sources of light are also sources of heat. The Sun is our main source of heat energy. 

Heat is the amount of energy in a matter that makes it feel hot or cold. Heat moves from a hot matter to a cold matter when they are in contact (do not explain about heat transfer). Any matter, whether hot or cold has certain amounts of heat. A hot matter has more amount of heat than a cold matter. Molecules in a matter are in a constant movement. The faster the molecules move, the more heat energy they have and the hotter the matter becomes. If we drink a hot cup of coffee, our body gains some of the feat and we feel warmer. Molecules in a cold drink , on the other hand move very slowly because they have a very small amount of heat. When you drink it,it takes away some of the heat from your body, thus makes you feel cooler. When a substance gains heat, it becomes warmer and the temperature increases. When it loses heat, it becomes cooler and the temperature decreases. We can use our sense of touch to tell whether one substance is warmer or cooler than the other. However, it does not indicate the different in hotness of matter accurately.

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