Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Factors that affect stability

Factors that affect stability.

1. The position of the centre of gravity. 
     A lower centre of gravity gives more stability to an object.

2. The size of the base area. 
    An object with a large base has better support and more stability compared to an object with a smaller

3. The weight of the object. 
    A heavier object is more stable than a lighter one. If an object has different densities, the heavier part of it    
     will have a lower centre of gravity.

The Importance of Stability In Our Daily Life

1. Racing cars are made more stable by having most of their weight as low down as possible. This ensures a
    low centre of gravity for the cars. Their wheels are also kept far apart to give them a wide base.

2. A weight lifter bends his leg and keeps them wide apart.

3. The passengers of a double-decker bus are not allowed to stand on the upper deck.

• other reference books add one more factor that  affect the stability is the weight of the object. 

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